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“PotomacWave” incorporates two core concepts: Potomac, which is the water lifeline of the nation’s capital, and Wave, which is the embodiment of sustained energy. PotomacWave is an organization founded by consultants who wanted to improve the status quo for their clients and work for an organization that rewards creativity and innovation. They brought together a diverse team of top-notch consulting talent who are like-minded in their commitment to excellence.


PotomacWave is currently seeking a Senior Financial Analyst to join our Special Tasks Force Team in Chantilly, VA. The ideal canidate will assess and imporve financial management processes, financial reporting and analysis and strategic financial planning.


Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with industry practices of accounting, auditing, and investigative techniques regarding detection and/or discovery of financial deception and fraud.

Experience conducting thorough forensic financial analysis of business and personal records and developing financial profiles of individuals or groups identified as participating in suspicious or illegal activity;

Experience participating in gathering evidence and supporting the preparation of search warrants/affidavits associated with financial analysis

Experience identifying and tracing funding sources and interrelated transactions

Experience compiling draft findings and conclusions into financial investigative reports and Experience meeting with prosecuting attorneys to discuss strategies and other litigation support functions and testifying when needed as a fact or expert witnesses in judicial proceedings.

Knowledge of and experience with industry practices as related to the collection, review, and analysis of intelligence data and the predictive modeling based upon this analysis.

This support should include: Gathering, analyzing, correlating, or evaluating information from a variety of resources, such as law enforcement databases

Linking or charting suspects to criminal organizations or events to determine activities and interrelationships; Preparing comprehensive written reports, presentations, maps, or charts based on research, collection, and analysis of intelligence data

Studying the assets of criminal suspects to determine the flow of money from or to targeted groups; Validating known intelligence with data from other sources

Collaborating with representatives from other government and intelligence organizations to share information or coordinate intelligence activities

Experience generating business case studies to illustrate financial analytical processes

Experience providing presentations and briefings concerning current cyber threats as they relate to financial, or virtual currency matters

Experience with in-depth knowledge of emerging payment systems, including digital, virtual, and crypto-currencies; Experience in the analysis of transactions on the block chain associated with criminal and national security matters; Experience with virtual currency transaction tracing and block chain technology tools

Experience in tracing virtual currency and crypto-currency transactions in criminal and national security investigations; Ability to exploit technical cyber datasets with financial investigative techniques

Knowledge of and experience with industry practices pertaining to global, regional or firm specific computer based financial mechanisms, to include the procedures that create and track the financial activities of an industry segment, company or individual, to include: Banks Accounting measures Revenue Expense schedules Wages Balance sheet verification

On a regional/international scale, knowledge of and experience with financial systems that enables lenders and borrowers to exchange funds.

Additional Qualifications

Fraud auditing, investigation with specialization in banking system networks and transaction systems

Forensic Accounting expertise

Strong knowledge of blockchain technology and/or Bitcoin, virtual currency technology and systems used to conceal nefarious activities.

Familiarity with SWIFT

Knowledge of common money laundering and asset concealment schemes and techniques and methodologies and techniques for detecting and tracking related activities.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) or CPA specializing in financial crimes investigation, white collar crime,

Data Analytics in an Intelligence Community environment.

Clearance Requirements

All candidates must possess a Top Secret (TS) clearance granted within the past five years; no breaks in service greater than 24 months, and the ability to be granted eligibility for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) by a U.S. Government Adjudication authority

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