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Your Opportunity as an Analyst / Associate in MSBNA Strategy and Execution at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Bank, N.A. (“MSBNA”) Strategy and Execution offers a unique opportunity to work with senior management early in your career. Primary constituents are the CEO, President, COO, CAO, CFO and Business Unit heads of MSBNA. The Chairman and CEO of the Bank is also the President of the Firm.

As an Analyst / Associate in the group, you will help make key decisions for the Bank that directly drive change and influence MSBNA’s strategic direction and overall profitability.

Analysts / Associates gain significant responsibility for projects as a key member of a lean, dedicated team.

Analysts / Associates often have the opportunity to meet, interact with and present to the Firm, ISG and MSBNA’s senior management. Analysts / Associates develop leadership and project management skills through coordination of various support groups and business employees.

Drawing on financial analysis, discussions with industry specialists and key decision-makers, industry research, and their own judgment, Analysts / Associates play an integral role in helping MSBNA Strategy and Execution develop and implement creative solutions to complex problems. Analysts / Associates help launch new business initiatives to take advantage of strategic opportunities for the Bank.

MSBNA projects are aligned with the key priorities of the Firm and its three main business units:

Institutional Securities, Asset Management and Global Wealth Management.

Examples of projects include (but are not limited to)



Evaluating market trends, competitive forces and internal competencies to identify emerging and new opportunities for the Bank


Analyzing the strategic fit of a business/product area from a Bank perspective and evaluating strategic alternatives


Evaluating the business implications/future strategy in response to current and proposed regulation


Providing project management and strong problem solving solution in implementing a new regulatory requirement


Providing leadership and support for the strategic development and capital planning process

Developing Your Career

MSBNA Strategy and Execution strongly believes in the importance of mentoring for the Analyst’s / Associate’s career development. It strives to provide flexible career options that will attract and retain the best strategic and quantitative thinkers. Analysts / Associates gain experience and develop a network across a diverse spectrum of financial services/products. Working in this team will prepare Analysts / Associates for a career at Morgan Stanley or beyond.

Is MSBNA Strategy and Execution Right for You?


You have excellent problem-solving, quantitative and analytical skills


You have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills


You are able to work on multiple projects and quickly grasp key concepts


You are a team player with a strong work ethic and keen attention to detail


You can manage expectations and handle high-pressure situations


MSBNA is a national bank and an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley.

MSBNA is a top 15 US depository institution. MSBNA accounted for approximately 15% of MS Firmwide assets and 10% of Firmwide revenues in 2016. MSBNA institutional loan products are distributed through the MS Institutional Securities and Wealth Management platforms. The Firm’s Institutional Securities and Wealth Management businesses have leading market positions in many markets, and benefit from strong client relationships, first hand market intelligence, and best-in-class industry personnel.

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